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In real estate, as in so many aspects of life, the internet has changed the way we operate.


From simple things like coordinating showings via Facebook to more complex things like creating blogs based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I’ve certainly felt the difference that online technology makes.


Here are just some of the ways that technology works for me – and my clients!


Internet marketing and online presence means quick and easy access

Without a doubt, when it comes to real estate and the internet, the best thing for Realtors® and clients is accessibility – the ability to easily get online information on residential and commercial real estate 24 hours a day. I know that with our marketing system, we can respond immediately and directly to each and every prospective homebuyer who may come across one of our listings. Interested parties can find out about available homes immediately and can view property listings anytime, any day from anywhere.


We offer our clients a Personal Home Search service, so buying criteria is noted and suitable property listings go directly to their inbox. For sellers, their listing is sent by email to every qualified prospective buyer within our homebuyer database. Through a combination of mobile listing search and text codes, homebuyers have instant access to important information about your home in the palm of their hands – whether it’s in Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland or elsewhere on Vancouver Island! 


Blogging, tweeting and linking in helps properties get noticed

Despite what some politicians have done for the image of social media in the past couple years, in my work as a professional Realtor®, I’ve seen only positive things come from blogging, tweeting and other social media platforms.


I never imagined I’d become a blogger, but it’s part of what I do to ensure that my clients get the attention they deserve. Through our Facebook page, website and other social media feeds, client homes are seen by thousands. By employing proven marketing strategies, such as keyword research, and creating strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings, we’ve garnered a tonne of attention and our clients have felt the benefits. 


The fact is, social media is an excellent way to get information out there to a large and diverse audience. Sharing real-estate related material, such as selling tips for clients, information on local selling trends or weekly updates of our Comox Valley open houses, is a quick, efficient and helpful way to make connections. Like me on Facebook and you’ll see what I mean!  


A good webpage can sell houses on its own

Well, okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but a website can offer plenty of help for buyers and sellers alike. Take my website for example. There you’ll find numerous services and links, including forms for free home evaluations, access to local, office and featured listings, a school locator link and mortgage calculator and more. No wonder it’s attracting hundreds of new visitors every month!


Internet technology even helps with traditional marketing strategies

Once you list your home with us, your Comox Valley selling agent, your home is added to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. Other agents can immediately access your property information, and your Courtenay, Comox or Cumberland property is included in any printed MLS books.


And we still regularly publish listings in local magazines and Island Best Homes, but these are now easily accessed and disseminated online. We can also use online research to help come up with and coordinate successful direct mail campaigns to potential homebuyers in the Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland areas.


What this means to me and my clients

It used to be that putting a few pictures in the local paper was the best way to bring attention to clients’ homes. Today’s online marketing offers so many more options both for sellers and potential buyers. Information is easily updated, shared and accessed, making the buying and selling process quicker and more streamlined.


Having a strong online marketing program has allowed me to be quickly attain a clear idea of what people are looking for and become even more attentive to my clients’ needs. Creating that well-established online presence is an investment of time and money, but it has proven to give clients even more of an edge when it comes to buying and selling efficiently.


Of course, as a Realtor®, no matter how savvy you are, buying and selling real estate is still about getting your clients what they want and making sure they are happy. If you know the local market and can create relationships built on professionalism and trust, success will be had.



For further info on selling or buying properties in and around the Comox Valley, contact my associate Andrea Davis or me anytime. Visit today!  


Oh, and make sure to take advantage of my newly created digital downloads. Full of useful information and tips on various aspects of the local realty market, it’s just another way you can use technology to achieve your realty dreams. Click here for my Homebuyers Guide to the Comox Valley and here for the Sellers’ guide.


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