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Talk to your realty professional!

I get it – the sun is out, temperatures are warming up, the garden’s coming alive and your thoughts turn to making some changes to your home.


But wait! Before you get going the wheels in motion and start buying supplies and speaking with contractors, talk to a Realtor®!


Unfortunately, as an experienced Realtor®, I’ve seen more than one reno that shouldn’t have occurred. To keep that from happening to you, here are some things to think about before strapping on that toolbelt.


Why are you considering a reno?

If that avocado-coloured toilet and tub have been driving you crazy and you plan to be in your home for another five years, then, okay, get working.  But if you’re considering knocking out a wall to give the house a more open feel and increase resale value, check with your Realtor® first.


Listing prices come down to numerous factors such as the local neighbourhood, supply and demand, location, comparative market value, and other things your Realtor® can get into. Sure, changing your decking may improve appearances, but it likely won’t influence sales or be worth it in terms of compensation.


Still looking to renovate? Your Realtor® will tell you where to start

I tell my clients to get me in for a free home evaluation. Once I have a good look at your home, get some history and do a comparative market analysis, I can let you know if and where work is required.


If there are any issues such as roof leaks or foundation problems, those should be taken care of. Sure, it’s not as fun and exciting as putting in new countertops, but buyers are looking for homes with no major issues. If things are good on that front then, generally speaking, kitchens and bathrooms are always prime reno targets. Let’s face it, they see a lot of action. Flooring and windows can be big ticket items, so it’s important to get a professional opinion before diving in.


Bottom line – when it comes to renovations talk to a trusted realty professional sooner than later!


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