After the snow and before the beach

Springtime recreation in the Comox Valley



Feeling a little adrift because you know that the Comox Valley ski season’s almost done, but it’s not quite time to get the tennis racket out? Not to worry – when you live in the Comox Valley there’s no such thing as the “off-season.”


Hit the gym

With local rec centers (Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland) and plenty of private options to choose from, it’s always a great time to prepare your body for the upcoming seasons of play – be it baseball, soccer, golf or tennis. Heck, even getting back into the garden means you’ll be using muscles that have taken it easy over the winter. 


Hit the trails

There’s nothing better than getting back out on the local Comox Valley trails with your hiking boots or your bike. Yes, they may be mucky, but you haven’t really had a workout if you’re not doing a load of laundry at the end of it, right? 


Hit the links

Snowfall may have played havoc with the late winter play, but the local fairways are now primed for players. Beat the rush by getting out now and you’ll be way ahead of your friends come July. Here’s a link to contact info for many of the local courses.


Hit the pool (in your kayak and dive gear!)

Did you know that you can actually take your kayak into the CV Aquatic Centre pool and get back into the saddle? Sure, you can’t go very far, but it’s a great place to work on your rolls, exits and entries without freezing your butt off! Not only that, the Sports Centre pool offers an introduction to scuba diving on Thursday nights. Be sure to confirm dates and times as the schedules do change occasionally.


For more information about some of the other local activity options, have a look at the recreation section of my free guide to moving to the Comox Valley.


As always, feel free to contact my associate Andrea Davis or me to find out more about the Comox Valley area. And make sure to visit our website for information on buying and selling real estate in the Comox Valley. 

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